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  • Zift Asistanlar

Do You Know How Climate Change is Endangering Iceland?

Unfortunately, climate change weaves through our daily lives from global politics and business to sea levels. In Iceland the rising temperatures dramatically reshape Iceland’s landscape. We should be aware of the fact that the glacier is melting so much that the land is rising from the sea. As temperatures rise almost faster in the Arctic than anywhere else on the planet, the whole of Iceland is faced with the likelihood of an ice-free future. This situation affects tourism, agriculture, businesses and all life in Iceland.

As a good example of the consequences of the climate crisis, the massive melting of the glaciers endangers the unnaturally pure blue caves of Iceland. Therefore the melting glaciers are threatening the existence of these extraordinary caves. So, what we should do is learn how climate crisis affects our life and how we can fight against the climate crisis. Please be aware of the danger our world is in.

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