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Our association, which carries the love of nature and ecological values in its heart with great faith, aims to protect, beautify and preserve the environment and nature, ensure that natural resources are developed and promoted for tourism, raise environmental awareness in society, and support environmental studies by cooperating with relevant non-governmental and public institutions and organizations.  Before the establishment of our association, we operated under the name of an unofficial group. As our membership increased over time, we wanted to make our community an official organization. Together with our members, we started to work on this issue and in 2022 we established our association and started to carry out our activities under an official umbrella. Anyone who supports the rights of nature, regardless of language, religion, race, or political opinion, can become a member or volunteer in our association. Therefore, the base of our association has a wide network.


We Can Save Our Planet Together!

According to the Green Behavior Youth Organization, nature thinks, writes, draws. Like wandering clouds, blowing winds, and flowing rivers, the animals, birds, forests and deserts that follow them limit the boundless. To talk about the aims of our association with this principle;

Our goals;

1. Protection of natural assets and environmental health in our country and in the world,

2. Educating and raising awareness of the public about the fight against erosion, environmental pollution, food waste, soil cover and soil protection, and the importance of afforestation,

3. To protect and develop meadows and pastures, which are the basis of animal husbandry, by not allowing our natural riches to be used unconsciously and irreversibly destroyed,

4. Contributing to recycling,

5. To ensure the adoption of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the fight against climate change,

6. Promote clean, renewable energies by opposing the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy,

7. To support environmentally friendly green materials, designs, solutions, practices, policies and relevant legislation for a sustainable green environment,

8. To make research for the activation and development of its activities,

9. To carry out studies that will raise awareness in all segments of society for the sustainability of our environmental values and natural resources,

10. To contribute to the reduction of all kinds of waste and residues at their source, to the recovery of the wastes to be generated, and to the promotion of their recycling.

11. Creating and protecting green areas, forests,

12. To fight against erosion and environmental pollution,

13. To protect and improve the ecological balance, plant, and animal species,

14. To create voluntary participation and public support.

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